About Matt Merten:


The musician and educator, Matt Merten, has performed on many instruments and with many bands including: Breaker Breaker, The Halfway House Septet, Regis Philbin's Pop Orchestra, Billy “Stix” Nicks, Jackie Ivory, the M.O.B.B. (Where the BB stands for Brass Band), Wookiefoot, The Heed, and the Bro Willie Brass Band. In these bands and as a soloist Merten has been an opening act for Soul Coughing, Train, Marvelous 3, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, Jack Johnson, Better than Ezra, The Big Wu, Mason Jennings, The Jayhawks, Martin Zellar, Soul Asylum, Michael Tolcher, Ambulance LTD, and the Walkmen.  Also, as a performer and a conductor Matt has appeared in concert halls around the world including Carnegie Hall in NYC, the Mozarteum in Austria, and the Sidney Opera House in Australia.

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